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Wet Belt Sander/Grinder

Frequently Asked Questions

1. I notice that you offer standard and premium grades of belts. What is the difference?

The standard belts that used to be included with the Wet Belt Sander have been discontinued. We presently include the Premium Belts with the Wet Belt Sander + and only offer the Premium Belts as replacements.

2. When would I use a cork belt?

The cork belt is used for very fine polishing, and is the modern replacement for the old felt belt (which had to be used with a polishing compound). When used on glass, you will be able to achieve a finish that is as smooth as fire polishing in your kiln. The cork belt is a wonderful time saver and eliminates the risk of re-firing a piece just to polish the edges. You would first smooth the edges of your work using courser belts, such as the 120 and 400. Before switching to the cork belt, your edges should be free of scratches and gouges. They should have a frosty appearance with only the fine scratches left by the 400 belt visible. The cork belt cannot remove deeper scratches, so your prep is important. You will find that this process is fast, and the results are impressive.

3. What size fuse is used in the Wet Belt Sander?

The Wet Belt Sander uses a standard fuse (some times called a mini fuse because of the size). It is 3 amps, fast acting. The easiest way to obtain replacments is to visit your local electronics store such as Fry's or Radio Shack.