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Studio Grinder

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the purpose of the hose that came in the box?

The hose is a convenient way to empty the water that flows into the tray under the worksurface. The hose is long enough to reach from your countertop to the floor, so that you can direct the overflow into a bucket for easy disposal. If you prefer, to use the grinder without the water tower, you can plug the hole under the worksurface to prevent the water from flowing out, and use a sponge to wick the water up to the bit.

2. Do you have videos of this grinder?

Until we have completed the updated videos, you can view the older videos by following the links provided. Here is the video for the set-up procedure, and here is the video for the use of the grinder.

3. What size fuse is used in the Studio?

The Studio uses a standard fuse. It is 3 amps, fast acting. The easiest way to obtain replacments is to visit your local electronics store such as Fry's or Radio Shack.