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Gryphette Grinder

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I use larger bits with my small Gryphette?

Even though the Gryphette is shipped with a 3/4" grinding bit, the motor offers more than enough power to drive a larger 1" grinding bit, and the grinder was designed with this in mind.

2. This is my first grinder. How do I install a new bit?

The bits are mounted on the end of the motor shaft, and are held in place with a set screw. To remove the old bit, take the Allen wrench (shaped like a letter "L") that came with the grinder, and loosen the set screw. Pull up on the bit to remove it from the shaft. Reverse this procedure to install a new bit. Each new bit should come with a new Allen wrench, which is useful in case you misplace the old one. Not all bits use the same size wrench however, so it is a good idea to hang onto the old wrench just in case. You will also want to keep an eye on your bit to looks for signs of wear. Since the bit can be positioned anywhere on the shaft, you are able to reposition the bit higher or lower on the shaft to spread the wear evenly. This will allow you to use all of the diamonds on the bit and extend the life of the bit.

3. Can I use any brand of bit?

All grinding bits from every manufacturer, with the exception of a couple of obscure specialty bits, are designed to fit on a standard 5/16" shaft, which this grinder has. This means that you are free to choose from the entire array of bits available to the glass artist.

4. Why do I need to put water into the base?

As the diamonds grind their way through your glass, they get very hot. The water is used to cool the diamonds and also to flush away the glass dust. The diamonds will grind better and last longer if they remain cool when in use.

5. What is the small glass tube that came in the bag used for?

The small glass tube is a spare fuse for the motor. There is a round receptacle for the fuse on the side of the case, and in the event the old fuse blows, having a spare can be a real time saver.

6. What size fuse is used in the Gryphette?

The Gryphette uses a standard fuse (some times called a mini fuse because of the size). It is 3 amps, fast acting. The easiest way to obtain replacments is to visit your local electronics store such as Fry's or Radio Shack.