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Convertible Grinder

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is there a video for the grinder?

You can watch the video by clicking here.

2. What is the best way to mark the pattern before I cut?

As you undoubtedly have or will discover, the glass gets wet when you use a diamond saw or grinder. For this reason regular markers, such as Sharpies, quickly wash away. There are markers available that use paint rather than ink, and these are well suited for marking patterns on glass. The most popular of these seems to be the Pilot Extra Fine Gold and Silver Creative Marker. We have found these at our local Staples, and Office Depot has something similar. Your stained glass dealer can probably recommend some commercial products that can be applied over a regular felt marker lines to improve their resistance to water. In a pinch, you can use Chap Stick or Vaseline.

3. There is water leaking from the bottom of the grinder. What should I do?

Make sure that water hose is pointed towards the bit and not pointed towards the motor shaft. If it is, water will flow down the motor shaft, across the motor, and out the bottom of the saw.

Remove the bottom of the grinder and check the hoses to make sure that none are loose.

4. I hear a loud noise when grinding. What should I do?

A loud noise when in use could signal a damaged motor bearing. To prevent this damage, make sure that water hose does not spray water into motor area.

5. How do I attach a grinding pin above the standard grinding bit?

Usually you will have to lower the standard bit in order to make room for the second bit or pin. To lower the standard bit, use the Allen Wrench provided to loosen the set screw in the standard bit and lower the bit to the desired position.

6. Do I have to use only the Slip-on Bits, or will any bit fit?

All grinding bits from every manufacturer, with the exception of a couple of obscure specialty bits, are designed to fit on a standard 5/16" shaft, which this grinder has. This means that you are free to choose from the entire array of bits available to the glass artist. To install a standard grinding bit in place of the Slip-On bit, you will need to first remove the white Slip-On bit adaptor. The adaptor is held in place with a set screw, just like any other bit.

7. What size fuse is used in the Convertible?

The Twister uses a standard fuse. It is a 3AG 3 amp, fast acting. The easiest way to obtain replacments is to visit your local electronics store such as Fry's or Radio Shack.

8. How do I update the pump in my Twister to the newer pump used in the Convertible?

The instructions for updating the pump in a Twister can be found here.